About the Dome Theater

Dome Theater Circa 1948

History of the Dome Theater

The Theater was originally built in 1910 and was called the Kootenai Theatre and Opera House. The original structure was a wood frame building which was later stuccoed. Early owners were A.M. Hoffman and W.F. Kienitz. The original theater burned down on January 20th, 1948.

The owners at the time of the fire were Mrs. Arthur J. Neils and Mrs. A.J. Agather. These owners immediately planned on rebuilding and decided to use materials such as concrete and mortar while providing comfortable seating for 500 people.The theater was rebuilt and reopened for business on June 29th, 1948 on the original site; the newly dubbed "Dome Theater" was named after the ancient dormant volcano named "Dome Mountain" in close-by British Columbia.


Dome Theater Circa 2007

Modern-Day Dome Theater

Since the original rebuild in 1948, the Dome Theater in Libby has been through several owners/managers and has been the home to countless hours of entertainment and life-long memories created from the thousands of movies, live performances and events that have been hosted within the walls of the Dome Theater.

The exterior of the theater has changed over the years in colors and is now a brilliant blue and purple illuminated by the original 1948 Dome Theater sign and marquee. As brilliant as it was in 1910, the Dome Theater continues to attract patrons from around the country who want to experience a movie or live show as you may have when taking a step back in time. Simply walking by the historic marquee of the Dome is a site most will not forget.

Today, the Dome Theater in Downtown Libby has been outfitted with a new state-of-the-art sound system as well as both film and digital projection systems to rival a modern multiplex while maintaining the classic small town movie theater feel that so many Dome Theater patrons both young and old have come to love over the years. A completely renovated concession area featuring a classic popcorn machine, soda fountain and other tempting treat additions is sure to satisfy the snack urges of every movie-goer!

Whether you are a long-time Libby resident, a couple out for a romantic evening or a family out to explore the culture of Montana, the Dome Theater is a perfect way to spend a few hours taking in a movie, concert or a live performance while you truly step back in time! Welcome to the Dome Theater in Libby, Montana!

Dome Theater Trivia:

What was the first movie played on the Dome Theater screen after it was remodeled in 1948?

The Return of Rin Tin Tin